Yanagi Nashi is a web site primarily dedicated to writing about cyber security, threat intelligence, and technology topics with a splash of image posting here and there. On occasion there will be posts about global geopolitical themes because of how these topics affect our lives. The core of Yanagi Nashi is generally apolitical.

The concept behind the site follows one of the best Apple blogs on the web today: Daring Fireball. Daily posts will generally be linked items leading off-site, with a bit of commentary about the link. Long form posts will be published on an as-needed basis, based on a variety of factors, but primarily around the amount of time it takes to execute a well written article versus competing professional requirements. The goal is one long form article per week.

Quite frankly, the goal is to provide relevant thought leadership, highlight interesting topics, and build a unique and intriguing brand. Through sheer perseverance it may even be possible to monetize Yanagi Nashi in some capacity. In the meantime, focus is on producing quality content to organically build an audience.

Yanagi Nashi has purposely opted to not entertain on-site comments. If a discussion is warranted on any particular topic, Twitter is a fantastic place to start, or better yet: write your own article on your own site.

Yanagi Nashi is veteran and former civil servant with the United States Department of Defense, living and working in Tokyo, Japan. Yanagi Nashi is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), having been first certified in 2006, long before it became a standard requirement within US DoD. Yanagi Nashi currently works in the security industry, traveling all over the globe for cyber security and threat intelligence engagements.

Yanagi Nashi's career began in telecommunications while in the military before transitioning into one of the earliest network security professionals. When the U.S. Navy was piloting the first-ever set of firewalls, Yanagi Nashi had the pleasure of working with Gauntlet firewall on HP-UX running on Sun SPARCstation's. One unexpected power outage and miracles were required to restore the firewall to an operational state.

Yanagi Nashi has been volunteering for a global Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics (STEM) not-for-profit organization for over fifteen years.

Yanagi Nashi regularly conducts presentations, speaks publicly at major security conferences, and enjoys waxing philosophical on a variety of topics.

Yanagi Nashi has worked in cyber security for well over twenty years, and has been an intelligence consumer for over fifteen.

Yanagi Nashi - the web site - is powered by Ghost with a heavily modified version of the Attila theme running on a Digital Ocean droplet. Primary modifications to the theme are forcing a dark mode color scheme, typography and readability, and structural changes supporting the aforementioned concept.

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Thanks to the wonderful Ghost community for all the help. The forum has a wealth of answers to all those obscure, non-standard Ghost questions. A lot of the CSS related tricks on the site could not have been possible without Stack Overflow.