Adam Rowe of writes one of the worst clickbait heading I have seen recently, stating cyber incidents are deemed a bigger global business risk than climate change. Fortunately the article states a much different claim:

Cybersecurity risks are the highest priority for businesses around the globe in 2020, according to an extensive new survey. By comparison, climate change clocked in at seventh as the biggest perceived business risk worldwide.

Granted, that's still climate change's highest ever ranking, and a sign that it's moving up in importance as the effects of humanity's impact on Earth's climate become increasingly extreme.

The Allianz Risk Barometer 2020 conducted research through a survey of over 2,700 experts across 100 countries. These experts were stipulating impact to specific businesses as opposed to the overall global risk as the clickbait headline suggests.

Overall it is not a bad article, but headline hyperbole is strong with this one.

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