February has brought an onslaught of breach-related news from Japan. These latest disclosures follow those from Mitsubishi Electric and NEC, two of the largest players in the Japanese defense industry:

Kobe Steel and Pasco found some of their intracompany network terminals were infected with a computer virus, likely from unauthorized outside access in August 2016 and May 2018, respectively, according to the ministry.

Kobe Steel said a total of 250 files -- including information on the ministry, as well as personal data -- might have been leaked. The company has taken measures to beef up cybersecurity.

A Pasco official quoted a third party as saying the attacker may have links to China.

Kobe Steel has been a supplier of submarine parts for the Self-Defense Forces, while Pasco has provided the SDF with satellite data.

Is this a precursor of what is to be expected as Tokyo 2020 approaches?

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