"Why Are They Doing This to Me??" Trump Asks Friends

President Donald J Trump, the third president to be officially impeached, seemingly cannot wrap his head around any of this:

Meanwhile, with his lawyers going about their business defending the president, Trump, who was at Mar-a-Lago on Friday, appeared “distracted” by the impeachment process. According to CNN, the president was asking people at the resort, “Why are they doing this to me?” adding, that he “can’t understand why” he is impeached.

Someone who cannot figure out why they are being impeached, after having had his administration undertake sketchy operation after sketchy operation, while completely blocking the administration from speaking to Congress to substantiate his "perfect call" with the Ukraine, is obviously unqualified to be in a position of such import. Simply put, President Trump should not be the leader of the free world.

The best leaders are capable of self-reflection and understanding where their decisions went awry. They make adjustments moving forward. Some work, some do not. However, the fact that Trump cannot understand he did anything wrong speaks to his entire life of entitlement, never having learned lessons and being punished for wrong doing. So this whole concept of pivoting based on lessons learned is as completely foreign to him as is running a successful business.

What will an Iranian Cyber Attack on the US Look Like?

As a result of the recent assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani by the United States there has been a major uptick in cyber activity by Iran. This should come as no surprise because a kinetic response is more or less off the table. This leaves cyber as their only current recourse.

Senate Republicans are Bathed in Shame

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is officially underway, with the Senate having affirmed their oath to administer impartial justice. However, as most of the global witnesses have observed, over half of the current US Senate has basically buried their heads in the sand, essentially rendering a shameless verdict before the trial begins.

How in God’s name — and it was in God’s name — can the Republicans who have already decided to acquit President Trump take a solemn oath to administer “impartial justice”? They’re partial to the core, unabashedly so, as their united march toward a foregone conclusion shows. A mind-meld this ironclad isn’t a reflection of facts. It’s a triumph of factionalism.

The majority of the party’s senators have said outright or clearly signaled that they have no intention of finding the president guilty and removing him from office. Yapping lap dogs like Lindsey Graham and obedient manservants like Mitch McConnell have gone further, mocking the whole impeachment process.

So the oath they took: How does that work? Did they cross the fingers on their left hands? Do they reason that American politics has reached a nadir of such fundamental hypocrisy and overweening partisanship that no one regards that pledge as anything but window dressing?

If the tables were reversed you can rest assured the Republicans would be crying day and night on state-sponsored TV, and be doing everything in their power to ensure the Democratic president was removed from office.